Bruno GIL

is a young French musician and a professional jazz guitarist. His passion for Django Reinhardt’s music stirred him to explore the world of jazz from New Orleans swing to gypsy jazz, from be-bop to modern jazz.
These travels have been time well spent as the experience has informed and inspired his music, allowing him to offer a lively and sincere interpretation. 
He uses his technique and emotion to connect with his fellow musicians and share his love of music with his audience.

Bruno Gil, born in 1986, began playing the guitar at age 10, studying at the FMI school of La Rochelle with Thierry Bouyer. At 14, he discovered the tunes of Django Reinhardt, whose music his own grandfather had listened to and admired as a fan of swing and the Hot Club de France.
Django’s appeal, transcending generations, is a revelation to Bruno!

His earlier interest in rock, blues and reggae gives way to assiduous practice of the jazz guitar. He learns the principles of gypsy guitar accompaniment. Improvisation follows, self-taught by heeding the gypsies’ advice: play with your ears and your heart.
 He takes his first steps in gypsy jazz (also  known as “jazz manouche”) participating in various bands in his home region of La Rochelle. These bands are composed of guitar, violin, double bass, and clarinet: all elements to conjure the soul of swing.

  • He moves to Rennes in 2010 and collaborates on stage with various jazz music groups. He then performed in different stages of Brittany and Paris area.  
  • In 2012, he tours Japan during a month and a half. Drawn by the quality of Japanese jazz musicians and charmed by this country, Bruno GIL is now willing to pursue his road in the Land of the Rising Sun.
  • The journey continues...




Tokyo, Japon